Our curriculum is committed to not just helping kids understand God's Word, but inviting them into a lifelong relationship with him.

All of our Sunday morning programs are open to any youth attending that morning.  Come out and join us as we learn together about God’s love and plan for each of us in age appropriate and interesting ways.


For the beginning of our Sunday School programming year we will be taking a one room approach for Sunday lessons.  All ages will join together following the morning worship time in the sanctuary.  Together Kindergarten to grade 12 children and youth will play a large group game and look at several bible passages to follow God’s direction for that day’s theme.  Then the whole group will experience an object lesson.  Those in Kindergarten to grade 6 will then split from the grade 7 to grade 12 youth in order to have a more in depth and age appropriate discussion on the lesson material.  The Following groups of lessons created by Ministry to Youth at juniorhighministry.org and http://preteenministry.net and ministrytoyouth.com will be presented.


Back to School Essentials

How God gives us a new start

Locker combination -

Memorizing Scripture

Schedule – Making and Keeping Priorities

Map – Looking to the bible for guidance


Jesus’ Parables

·The Lost Parables

·The Sower

·The Good Samaritan

·The Builders



Glenbrook is pleased to provide nursery care for infants and toddlers to age four during the worship service. Care is provided by our staff which gives parents and children alike the assurance of a familiar face each week.