Day 6- Viernes (Friday)

July 10, 2015/ Nicarauga 2015/ Mission Team

The sun rose beautifully this morning in anticipation of our whirlwind day. We all enjoyed an amazing breakfast, followed by our daily devotions. Next we whisked off to a brief shopping trip at an outdoor market in Massaya. On the way, we experienced a traffic jam Nica-style: cows meandering across the road, taking their sweet time. At the market, there was an overwhelming amount of handmade wares for sale. The vendors were extremely eager and proud to share their creations with us. We only had an hour to walk around and observe/shop but that was not nearly enough time.

Our next stop, was one that we were all looking forward to. We visited a children’s hospital in Masaya (just down the street from the market). While at the hospital we first stopped at the administration office and dropped off the Medi-Packs that we had raised funds for. Most importantly, we visited with the children and their families and handed out stuffed toys, activity bags for the kids, toiletry kits and Bibles.

While visiting each family we prayed for healing for each child. It’s safe to say that it was the most emotional aspect of the trip so far. Reflecting back on our visit to the hospital, we can parallel it to riding a roller coaster. There were many smiles and laughs, but there were many tears as well. But what we believe to be most important is that we were there to be with the children and their families in a time of great need.

We hopped back onto the bus to go find lunch at a local shopping mall. We gave new meaning to the term “fast food”, considering we were on an EXTREMELY tight schedule (and we were already running behind). We quickly returned to the PAN compound, changed into our work clothes and headed straight to the job site for the afternoon. Once we arrived it began raining, AGAIN. The foreman informed us that the rain had only begun once we arrived and that they had worked all morning without a single drop.

Annette Vickers of PAN and Debora went with Pastor Pablo on a few pastoral care visits and prayed for healing for the sick.  Once again two of the three people prayed for reported healing from their pain, while the third, an elderly woman with Parkinson’s who was also experiencing dizziness experienced marked improvement.  It is great to be part of this outreach and these congregants are touched by a visit from a foreigner who shows interest in them.

We came back to the compound for dinner, where we enjoyed a lovely dinner of fish and chips, made by our chef Veronica, who happened to be celebrating her birthday today. In keeping with Glenbrook traditions, there was cake!