Day 14- Sabado (Saturday)

July 18, 2015/ Nicarauga 2015/ Mission Team'

The Christ of Mercy Statue (the inscription translates to Jesus I Trust in You)

The Christ of Mercy Statue (the inscription translates to Jesus I Trust in You)

It is hard to believe that this is the last day of our Nicaragua 2015 Mission trip. After another tasty and nutritious breakfast, some of team went back to the market for some last minute shopping while the rest of us stayed back at Jardin Shalom to relax a bit and do a little packing for tomorrow’s trip home. Around 10 AM we piled back into the van for a two-hour trip to San Juan del Sur, a small town by the Pacific Ocean near the Costa Rican border. Today, the last full day of our mission trip was planned as a day of “unwinding”, to take us out of the setting we had been in for more than thirteen days and to prepare the team for re-entering our Canadian culture and environment. When we arrived, PAN treated the team to a very nice lunch at a seaside restaurant with an opportunity to swim and sit on the beach. Chepe then drove the team through the maze of streets of San Juan del Sur, to the top of a cliff so that we could climb the steep steps to see the “Christ of Mercy” statue. This statue stands 25-metres in height and overlooks San Juan del Sur and the Pacific Ocean. Seeing the statue and taking in the view made climbing the steep steps worthwhile.

After seeing the statue, we hurried back to the van for the long drive back to the PAN house. While Chepe skillfully negotiated the bumpy roads and sometimes torrential rains, some of the team members and I reviewed photos from the first day at the build site; it was hard to believe that was only twelve days ago. So much has happened! Tomorrow we will be returning home with so many memories and life changing experiences.

Tonight we had our final devotion and Pastor Ian asked everyone on the team to tell us in one or two sentences what the trip has meant to them. This is what we wrote.

Emilie: “This mission trip has helped me to recognize how I can share God’s wealth, even in the smallest ways.”

Geraldine: “This mission trip has opened my eyes to witness and participate in God’s plan, while opening my heart to the unending love that I now share with my new found brothers and sisters in Christ”

Dragos: “This mission was an amazing experience and I feel blessed to be able to work together with our Christian brothers and sisters to build their church in Nicaragua.”

Gwenna: “This mission trip revealed to me the power of prayer to heal, restore, and bring hope to the least of these.”

Pastor Ian: “This mission trip to Nicaragua for me has reminded me of Christ’s call to participate in His ongoing love and compassion for the people of Nicaragua.”

Janet: “It has been a special journey with my daughter. Rewarding. There is much to reflect on now and the future.”

Debora: “I was impressed by the spontaneous generosity and warm of all the of all the people here, but especially the prisoners. I was inspired to live with new eyes and a new wide-open generosity.”

Conrad: “This mission trip reminded me that our God is sovereign and He will work out His plan. Our initial plans for the clinic build were not His plans and He kept putting up road blocks until we chose the build that would answer the persistent prayers of Pastor Pablo for help in building a sanctuary for his congregation, the people of Igesia Bautista Renacer.”

This is our last blog. A big thank you to all of our loyal readers. Thank you for your support and prayers. We miss you and hope to see you all very soon.

Dios te bendiga! (God bless you!)