Our Team

We all have needs. Sometimes these needs are not so huge but we feel that a little help could lighten the load. At other times, we can find ourselves in situations that are so difficult that we cannot see the way out. God gave us each other so that we could help each other. If you are suffering physical or emotional difficulty, dealing with the death of a loved one, experiencing marital problems, feeling lonely or sense a spiritual emptiness, we can help. Please feel free to call the church office if you would like to talk to someone, have someone visit, or need a ride to church.

An appropriate place to celebrate God’s healing is in the community of faith, which is the body of Christ, Glenbrook Church.  At Glenbrook we have several programmes planned for and to educate people on the relationship between LIFESTYLES, ATTITUDES and FAITH.


Rev. Ian McWhinnie, Pastor

The Rev. Ian McWhinnie has been with Glenbrook since April 1999.



Graciela Boros, music director

Music has been a driving force in Graciela’s life and work. 



Cynthia starkey, Superintendent Sunday School

Cynthia has a love of children of all ages.

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andrea smith, administrative assistant

Andrea Smith is the bubbly and friendly