A Better World Starts with a Choice

Glenbrook supports the following organizations and missions both locally and internationally. We do this in monetary terms and also by helping at events and on an ongoing basis, with the goal of equipping and encouraging individual believers and the congregation to witness and share the message of the love of Jesus Christ. 



Armagh House provides women and their children with the best possible opportunity to overcome the devastating effects of abuse.

Canadian Bible Society is a national religious charitable organization. The purposes of the Canadian Bible Society are to translate without doctrinal note, publish, and distribute the Christian Scriptures, and to promote and encourage the use of the Bible, throughout Canada and worldwide in cooperation with members of the United Bible Societies and other organizations.

Evangel Hall Mission is a Toronto inner-city mission whose purpose is to build community with poor, homeless and socially isolated people through support, housing, services and advocacy.

Eden Food for Change is a local food bank which provides fresh produce at an affordable price. The congregation also provides fresh produce to EFC from our own community garden.

The Open Door has been an outreach ministry in the heart of Mississauga for 40 years. Located at Square One Shopping Mall this ministry provides prayer, food, clothing and friendship to those going through difficult times.

The Dam is a safe community for youth and young moms offering love, respect and dignity for all. Since 1995 they have been a relational presence in the lives of youth. 

Renewal Fellowship within the Presbyterian Church of Canada brings Canadian Presbyterians together for prayer, learning, discussion and mutual support in small and large groups.


Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Glenbrook partners with the ministry of John and Krys Cassels in Northern Uganda to provide leadership to church leaders and pastors. 

Change Her Worldis committed to removing the barriers, world-wide, that hinder and prevent girls from attending school and being educated, and women from achieving health, wellness and economic stability.

Global Outreach Mission - Glenbrook partners with Alan and Tricia Smillie as they are called to bring the gifts and skills God has equipped them with to help develop relational focused churches in the Highlands of Scotland.

Presbyterians Aiding Nicarauga (PAN) Glenbrook sends mission teams to participate with PAN in building  projects. The next mission team will be July 2018.

Wycliffe Bible TranslatorsGlenbrook partners with Dr. Sean and Lezlie Allison who have been ministering with the Kotoko people of Cameroon in translating the Bible into the Makary Kotoko language.