Divorce Care Program for Adults

DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Today DivorceCare, as well as other resources created by Church Initiative (DivorceCare for Kids, Surviving the Holidays), are found in thousands of churches worldwide.  Leaders have a heart for people in separation and divorce and their desire is that people will come to know the hope, help and healing found in a relationship with the Lord.  Each evening meeting in the 13 weeks runs through a video seminar, group discussion and each person receives a personal workbook with daily “On My Own” exercises, a weekly journal along with varied theme related resources.  The key focus of this support group is to present concepts and practical advice that can help you heal and put your life back together again.  Don’t go through separation or divorce alone.


DC4K – DivorceCare for Kids

This 13 week program sees a group of children and their adult leaders hear stories about other kids in this situation on a DVD video each week. Together we do theme related crafts, games, and we hear scripture and bible stories.  The program helps children of divorce communicate their feelings and build healthy relationships within their current family structure.  Topics for each meeting are as follows;

1.      What’s Happening to My Family?

2.      God Loves Children in All Kinds of Families

3.      Facing My Anger

4.      Journey from Anger to sadness

5.      I Am Not Alone

6.      God’s Plan for Me

7.      Developing New Relationships

8.      Developing Money Smarts

9.      It’s Not My Fault

10.  Telling My Parents How I Feel

11.  Forgiveness

12.  Loving My Parents

13.  Moving On: Growing UP and Closer to God