Subjective and Objective Realities

My brilliant young nieces consider themselves scientific, rational and logical and they scorn those other people whose beliefs are based on faith.

One day I asked them how did they know the earth revolved around the sun? Every morning the sun rises from the east and it sets in the west.

It took them a while but they realized that they know this truth because someone in authority told them this is how the universe works. And this person ought to know the truth and she had no reason to lie to them. And so they believed.

That day, my nieces encountered the difference between subjective and objective realities. Einstein said we should describe motion with respect to the observer and we’re all earth bound observers. From our perspective, the sun revolves around the earth. We speak of sunrises and sunsets. An observer outside the solar system (God) would see that the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun.

Today at bible study, I retold the story and Pastor Ian asked me to post it here. We were wrestling with the idea that Jesus has saved everybody but not everyone is saved. Objectively, we are all saved. That is God’s point of view. It is finished, our Savior cried at the cross. Subjectively, not everyone knows it.

God’s word of reconciliation to the world is “I love you and you have sinned.” It is love and judgment in the same breath. In order to fully receive His presence and love, we must accept His judgment.

The other concept we were wrestling with was judgment as salvation. If we were not judged, we would not know we were wrong. And if we did not know we were wrong, we could not change.

Pastor Ian emphasized that one day, God’s judgment will fix all that is wrong with this world and with ourselves. It is not about punishment and destruction. Perfect justice is about redemption, reconciliation and restoration.

At 9 pm, he released us back into the wild – mentally drained – with the final exhortation to be that reality to our world.

Submitted by Caroline W.


Heavenly Father, thank you for your love and salvation. We accept You as our Saviour and ask that you continue to cleanse us of our sins. Help us Lord to reach out to others that they may know that objectively they are saved. In Jesus name we pray.