Day 2- Sabado

Today’s correspondent is Emilie McCauley

Hola from Nicaragua,

The team was off to an early start this morning. We had a hearty breakfast of oatmeal and fresh papaya. We had a very busy day planned, so we decided to postpone our devotions until after dinner. Shortly after we left the compound, and we were on our way to the build site, we ran into a bit of traffic...

cow herd.jpg

On our way there we also passed by a church that had sheltered students that were being targeted by their own government last summer. We could see bullet holes in the walls of the church.

We eventually made it to the build. We spent a few hours there, working on rebar and making mescala (i.e. cement)

mixing cement.jpg

We were only able to spend a few hours there as we had to go back to the compound to help out with a children’s program.

sandinista parade.jpg

On our drive home from the job site we accidentally ended up joining in on the annual Sandinista Freedom parade! There were lots of flags and honking.

We had to eat our lunch (sandwiches) in the van, and as soon as we got back to the compound we went to the back of the property to join in with a Children’s Program. It is led by Marta, one of the amazing cooks at the compound. She read the children stories and sang songs with them. Once lunch was prepared, our team helped distribute food to all of the children

distributing food.jpg

After lunch we did a few different crafts with the children. Everyone’s crafts turned out amazing.


. As the children left for home, they were each given an activity bag.

activity bag handout.jpg

After the children left, we joined in on some soccer fun. There were a number of children's teams at Jardin Shalom for a tournament. Once they finished their games, a few of our mission team members played against a team of Nicaraguan adults. We don’t know what the final score was, but everyone had a great time! We even managed to score a few goals against the more experienced team!

After soccer we had a bit of downtime before dinner, and then after dinner we went out for ice cream. We will be doing our devotions tonight, and doing some laundry to get us ready for next week.

Soccer Game.jpg