Day Three- domingo (Sunday)

Today’s correspondent is Conrad Fujimoto.

Roca de salvacion congregation.jpg

Sunday is a day of worship and sabbath rest for our team. It is usually our practice to worship at a church built by visiting PAN teams, thus we went to Ernan’s church for worship. Ernan is the PAN administrator here in Nicaragua. When he’s not working at PAN, he is the pastor at “Iglesia Roca de Salvacion.” (Rock of Salvation Church) His church was built by a PAN mission team from Chipewa Presbyterian Church in 2017. Most, if not all Pastors in Nicaragua must work at secular jobs to sustain their families as the churches can pay them little or nothing.

We are often asked to participate in leading worship — often at the last moment! (You must be ready for anything to happen on a mission trip!) Here is a photo of the team singing “Father we Adore You” as a round:

Father we Adore You.jpg

Four members of the congregation sang “10,000 Reasons” for us in English:

Nicaraguan singers.png

Laura giving two girls a few pushes on the swingset just outside the church:

Laura at swingset.jpg

After the service we went back to Jardin Shalom for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent on some sightseeing at the Masaya Volcano and the Town of Catarina:

Masaya volcano.jpg

The edge of the Masaya Volcano crater is just to the left of the fence. Peering into the deepest part of the caldera you can see the lava:


From there we drove to Catarina to view the Apoyo Lagoon and to do a little shopping at the outdoor market. I tagged along with the ladies as they decided to do a little window shopping for dresses. (That was a lot of fun. :(

shopping at market.jpg

Meanwhile Christine and Heather decided to check out the horses.

Christine on horse.jpg
Heather on horse.jpg

This aloe vera plant (in front of a bench at Jardin Shalom) was planted by our 2015 Nicaragua Mission team as a memorial for one of Glenbrook’s founding congregants Hugh Thomas who died shortly before our trip. This plant has grown significantly and PAN Executive Director Annette Vickers tells us that members of teams that visit PAN have used the leaves from this plant to ease the pain of sunburns sustained while on mission trips. We believe Hugh would be pleased to know a plant planted in his honour is bringing healing to others.

aloe vera plant.jpg

Thanks to all of you in Canada for your daily prayers for our team!