Day Four- Lunes (Monday)

Today’s correspondent is Geraldine McCauley

Every morning the team gathers for morning devotions and prayers before heading to the build site.

Every morning the team gathers for morning devotions and prayers before heading to the build site.

Keep going ladies…only 39 more to go!!

Keep going ladies…only 39 more to go!!

Monday started off with birds chirping, roosters crowing and the beautiful Nicaraguan sun shine. Our devotion time was a special one today. It started off with a few songs of praise in English & Spanish songs of praise. Sue had each team member fill out 1 thing about themselves on a sheet of paper and folded it and placed it in a baseball cap; then she read one at a time and the group had to guess who it was that had written the clue. Such a great exercise in team building. Also, lots of good laughs as well were had.

Off we went to the build site. So many happy smiling faces to greet us, such a wonderful greeting. We passed out baseball caps to all. Then the team broke off to start the many tasks that we had to do today. A few of our team members had been told last week that steel beams needed be painted. As every good painter knows, the surface must be prepared first; so 40 beams needed to be scrubbed with a brush.

Day 4 - Emilie and tall wall.jpg

More blocks were laid, cement was mixed and we completely finished preparing all the rebar work that is needed for the entire build. We are moving along quite quickly as there are many hands helping us out. Emilie is seen here with Samuel(translator) on the make shift scaffolding that is often used in Nicaragua.

Day 4 - Laura with mescla.jpg

Our driver Allan (who also helps at the build) arranged for the team to go for rides in the "moto taxis" that drive around in the local neighborhood. All had a great time, even though it started to rain on us. The team treated all our Nicaraguan friends onsite to a cold sherbet treat from a local vendor driving up & down the road. Such a wonderful feeling to share our gifts with our Nicaraguan christian friends.

Day 4 - Laura and Conrad in jeep.jpg

The afternoon went by fairly quickly, and we were soon on our way back to the compound with tired feet & backs. We are looking forward to a delicious dinner prepared by our two wonderful cooks Marta & Myrna.

Blessings till another time as I must go reapply bug spray!