Day 3- Martes (Tuesday)

July 7, 2015/ Nicarauga 2015/ Mission Team

Our day started with another great meal prepared by Veronica: eggs in a basket and fresh-picked fruit.  On the PAN property are numerous fruit trees: papaya, avocado, bananas, plantains and more.  There is also a garden of fresh herbs.  Our meals are eaten on an outside verandah — it is a wonderful place to gather.

The group from Glenbrook are an amazing group of people.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of teamwork.

We then all climbed into the van with our driver, Chepe for the forty-minute ride to our build site.  The driving here is crazy.  There appear to be no rules.  The cars are all over the road, passing horse-drawn carts, small taxi vehicles and people on bikes. It is also a challenge to avoid the ruts in the road. However we have great confidence in our driver!

At the jobsite, the work continued on the rebar, cement and pouring the footings. We shovelled gravel and sand to be mixed with cement and water. We repeated the process many times throughout the day. Everyone is pitching in, I’ve never seen a group work so hard and work so well together.

Gwenna and Geraldine mixing cement while Dragos supervises.

Gwenna and Geraldine mixing cement while Dragos supervises.

Dragos is a patient, knowledgeable and caring foreman.

At our lunch break we went for a walk through the Nicquinohomo with our translator, Samuel.  We visited a fruit stand and bought some limes and an onion. We continued onto another fruit stand and bought three dragonfruit. The lady was so appreciative,  she went into her home and came out with a gift of a watermelon for us.

Children on Site with Gifts

Children on Site with Gifts

Emilie reflected on this as she said grace before dinner.  Her emotional grace touched on how we all have so much and this woman has so little and yet she wanted to share her family’s food with us.  This woman’s generosity touched us all and reminded us of the story in the Bible of the widow and her two mite.

Emilie also reflected on her own appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of this mission.  She also reminded us of how grateful and thankful we are for all the support we received to make this trip possible.  Emilie wants to let you all know that we are sharing your generosity with the people we meet here.

Before we left the job site for the day we shared a few gifts with the children who have been at the site.  I have never seen such joy at our small gifts.

The needs are so great and our contributions seem so small, yet the Pastor here says we have been an answer to his prayers, which humbles us all.

We look forward to tomorrow to seeing the progress as the walls of the church go up! It’s such rewarding work and we receive abundant gratitude for our efforts.