About William Min

Pictured with wife, Tori and children Abel and Aiden

Pictured with wife, Tori and children Abel and Aiden


It all started when...

Glenbrook is blessed to have it’s second pastoral student William Min serving under Pastor Ian until April 2017. He is a student at Knox College and is doing his theological field education with us.

From Our Knox Pastoral Student, William Min:

I was born in Montreal, raised in Toronto, but completed my high school years in Newfound-land, and returned to Toronto for my post-secondary education. I am the youngest of 4, with two brothers and one sister. My father is a United Church Minister, though he was previously a Presbyterian Minister. I grew up going to French school, and learned to speak Korean quite fluently at university. I came to faith in my first year of university, and met my wife in my second year. We have two young children (one 2 years old and the other child not yet a year). I studied at the University of Toronto in Mississauga and have a BA in Fine Arts and Digital Media. I spent many years leading praise in the church and the para-church context and have been serving as a youth pastor for the last 4 to 5 years. Before jumping into full time studies towards my M. Div degree at Knox, I worked at Apple as a Customer Relations agent. I have many hobbies and am perhaps a jack of all trades, but surely a master of none.